Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heart Healthy? I'm not sure

When i was in the store the other day in the check out line i see that the lady in front of me has a box of Chocolate Cheerios! Um, i thought cheerios were supposed to be heart healthy? Tell me how chocolate is a benefit. you might as well just pour yourself a glass with chocolate milk because i've heard that it's actually good for your muscle building. Are you serious? Can this be really happening? This is every woman's dream come true (except those that hate chocolate then you have other dreams that i hope too will someday come true for you). That means in the morning i can pour myself a bowl of chocolate cheerios and soak them with my chocolate milk and get two benefits in one bowl! Then next i can crush up some Oreo cookies and sprinkle them in the mix because guess what they make? Sugar Free Oreos Yep you heard me. So really it doesn't even add calories.........right? I think this is what they serve in heaven for breakfast every morning. Along with pancakes topped with ice cream and stuffed french toast.

Chocolate for breakfast...........what a way to to start your day. Let's hope you're running 5miles after.


  1. I personally see nothing wrong with chocolate for breakfast.

  2. We used to pour chocolate syrup on our pancakes as kids. Oh, and my mom made chocolate oatmeal. I've been a proud sponsor of the chocolate breakfast since childhood :)