Sunday, July 18, 2010

guess i'm not the only one

today when i was walking down to the laundry room to switch out my wash to the dryer. and to digress i think the kid that was living in there is no longer there because i haven't seen any sign of clothes or comforters anywhere. but as i came close to the inner courtyard which really only consists of a concrete area with a plastic kids picnic bench and someone's little charcoal grille. i hear running water. i had noticed a hose earlier that week and wondered if there was a possibility i could stretch it to the street to wash my car since it's covered in dust and smog sludge. i walk through the gate and see this older woman dressed in a pink t-shirt, jean shorts and flip-flops drenching herself in water. when i see her i think she could tell in my mind i'm thinking, "WTH?" so she shyly turns away and continues to shower herself with the hose. i mean i guess that's one way to cool off since it's been hot lately and we have no pool in our complex and she's probably poor like i am and can't afford to turn on the A/C in her apartment but it made for an awkward moment.
when i got to the laundry room the washing machine had stopped mid cycle because the load had become unbalance so it had 14min left on the cycle. CRAP! now i have to walk by that lady again. i walked quickly through the courtyard to avoid eye contact while she played in the puddles. when i came down again to switch over my laundry she was now laying on her stomach while (who i can only assume was her son) was running the hose over her back and he himself was completely soaked sitting in a little plastic chair. once again awkward. when i had to walk back through again up to my condo she was sitting up and he had the hose shoved down the front of her shirt pouring water down her cleavage. now i felt awkward for him, "Hey son could you cool off my boobies, their so hot and sweaty." Really? that kid is going to need major therapy when he gets older. maybe i should suggest that we all go in on an inflatable pool together and fill it up on the weekends so we can all lay in it together. we can put out fliers around the complex and make it into a full blown pool party. BBQ on the little grille and sit on the small picnic bench. shoot let's buy a pinata and stuff it with dollar store candy that probably has lead in it because it's from China. it'd be great. neighborhood pool party......BYOB......Bring Your Own Boy......that kid can't cool off everyone's breasts.

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  1. That's just sick and wrong. Reminds me of something I saw recently on Law & Order: SVU. The woman should be jailed for psychologically scarring her child.