Monday, August 13, 2012

And then there was none

The homeless man in my cupboard has vanished. All that is left is the top to a cooler. I wonder if the morning I saw him he was so startled he decided it was best he should make residence elsewhere. I believe I know who this homeless man is. One night I came home late and there was a man sitting on the bottom step of my stairs. I smiled at him as I went up to my apartment but he didn’t say a word. I was busy loading my laundry in my car and the last time I came down the stairs he was gone. Then again last week I saw the same man. He was standing at the edge of a carport and as I passed him in my car we had a brief exchange of eye contact. Me wondering if he was the homeless man in the cupboard and he wondering if I knew he was the homeless man in the cupboard. And today when I was driving to work I saw the cupboard doors open in the carport next to mine and there shoved up on the shelf was a whicker love seat and piles of clothes. I wonder if the homeless man found the previous stash from the homeless women that used to live in that carport. Well I hope he finds another place to sleep as I was about to leave him a note asking that he stop peeing in my carport because I don’t enjoy the smell of urine in the morning.