Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No Coupons for YOU!!

My sister and I took a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up some craft supplies for some lamps shades I am painting for her new baby's room. (They are turning out adorable BTW.)

But this isn't about my amazing craft skills but about the crusty old lady in front of us at the check out line who apparently has a prejudice against young women with a need to craft.

As my sister and I approached the check out line I turn to her and say, "Oh! We should have looked for coupons. They always have coupons.................Maybe they have some by the cashier, sometimes they leave them up there."

"Oh yeah, we'll have to take a look."

Now this woman in front of us was probably in her 70-80s. All white hair, leathery tanned skin and outdated makeup. She kept making these half turn around moves where she seemed as if she was gazing at the items on the sides of the isles but appeared to be listening to our conversation. And at one point during her turn around she makes eye contact with the lady behind us and offers her a 50% off coupon and the lady graciously accepted it.

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes that's exactly what I was thinking)

"Did you just see that?"


"She JUST handed that lady a coupon?!?!?"

Now I could almost be forgiving about this obvious snub but my sister and I had JUST talked about needing a coupon as we were standing behind her in line and we weren't exactly quiet about it. But then I thought, "Wait, maybe that was a friend of hers and she was holding some coupons for her."

Ok, cool.............she wasn't being rude just helping out a friend. But then if they were friends why didn't they talk after that exchange?

Now the line was moving REALLY slow because there was only one cashier and apparently this flood of 15 people was an unexpected rush for their little store.

We inch towards the cashier and as we're making the last turn before the registers I see the old lady make eye contact with the 2nd woman behind us in line and offer HER a coupon. The lady declined and said she already had one.

WHAT THE...........!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!

Now I KNOW we were purposely excluded from this coupon giving granny. I was half tempted to tap the woman on the shoulder and ask if perhaps we might have one of the precious coupons since they were obviously golden tickets that let us into the chocolate craft factory or maybe her neck was injured and she couldn't quite turn it all the way around to see my sister and I standing behind her with my sister's 9 mos pregnant stomach taking up as much room as a 3rd person.

But we didn't miss out on the 50% off. OH NO!! they have these new fan-dangled things called cell phones where you can have coupons text directly to your number. So I did save that $3.25 despite the old ladies effort to deny our chance to save some coin on those ever precious craft supplies.

But you know what else is precious? This puppy. I want to snuggle it.