Thursday, July 22, 2010

i think i know what it is..........

the lady that was having her son water her breasts the other day............well i think i figured it out. yesterday when i went to check the mail i found cans and plastic water bottles spread out on the concrete pad in the courtyard. interestingly enough everything was recyclable. then on the little plastic kids table was a pile of dishes that i can only assume were washed by the hose that was stretched out from the building. the very same hose only days early that served as a shower for two of the tenants in the complex. my guess...........they have no electricity. in order to run your dishwasher you must have power to use it and the same requirement is needed for your A/C unit. (yes, CSI i am available for hire) so with the folks soaking themselves to keep cool and then doing their chores all using a hose in the public courtyard leads me to believe they're out of power. it can't be that their water is shut off because well...........the owners pay for the water. unless they got screwed and their owner shoves the bill onto them but that doesn't seem likely seeing as their are public access hose bibbs. (for those of you not in construction that means an out door spout) that's the cause i have deduced from the clues left behind unless the dishes are from a very "realistic" house set for a little girl who likes to play maid and the cans and bottles were for the spaceship my neighbors are piecing together to fly back to their home planet where they will tell everyone that water flows from green snakes. what i'm waiting for now is to see these guys set up a washing board and a washing tub and go to town on their undies and scrub out the skid marks. i wonder if they'll put up a clothes line across the entire courtyard hanging the granny panties and footed pajamas. let's just hope that they don't hang the pee stained sheets or the sweated out t-shirts.


  1. Nice complex. Sounds like your neighbors are really first class. Considering moving once you get your house rented???

  2. unfortunately i signed a year lease so i'm stuck here until at least next june, but hey at least their entertaining.