Monday, June 28, 2010

Prince Charming was a jerk.......

In this book I'm reading about human psychology there is a paragraph that made me snicker enjoy:

"The Prince was a jerk, and no doubt got what he deserved after he was married. He lets the girl get away twice in a row without getting any clue as to her identity. Then he is unable to catch her in a foot race, even though she is limping along with only one shoe. Instead of finding her himself, he sends a friend to do the job for him. And finally, he marries this girl of dubious upbringing and questionable family less than a week after he meets her. In spite of the superficial impression that he wins her, all this points to a loser script."

Kind of ruins the fairy tale doesn't it. Because prince charming is too good to be true, he's really just another smooth talking loser. I'm just pointing out that perhaps we shouldn't fill little girls minds full of fantasy and give her a real tale instead. I'm not bitter, i promise.

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