Tuesday, July 28, 2015

That ONE person in the gym

My current workout establishment is the small little gym at my apartment complex. It consists of (2) tread mills, (2) elliptical, (2) bikes, (2) weight machines and (1) rack of free weights (Yeah I know you were expecting there’d be 2 but apparently they don’t do everything in pairs) to say the place was small is almost an understatement. It’s considered “crowded” when there are 4 people using machines.

Now usually I work out in the morning because it’s “less crowded” and also lately it’s been pretty hot in the afternoons and with the lack of AC and airflow in the room I prefer to only sweat like a pig and not like a horse after a Triple Crown race. But I was too lazy yesterday morning and went in around 6pm to work out. Luckily I was the first of the crowd to get there and I had my pick of the good treadmill that can actually function to go up a hill rather than pretend it’s moving but only stay at one incline-FLAT. Just behind me was this tall lanky guy who’ve I’ve encountered before in the gym…….he’s the one who likes to sing to his music. Which I don’t mind so much since I have my own headphones in and can’t really hear him unless is decides to hit that Justin Timberlake high note. Shortly after came in a couple that occupied ALL of the ellipticals.

Absorbed in my watching of The West Wing (which is indeed a great TV show, I’m only in the 2nd season but thoroughly enjoying) I didn’t take much notice of the others in the room, eventually the girl on the elliptical hopped off to go lift weights and somehow Mr. Karaoke had slipped out the door but another girl had slipped in and perhaps I didn’t notice because I’m sure she’s just above the height of a legal Little Person but she got onto the machine next to me and I could tell she was no stranger to working out. Her biceps (which were about the size of my forearms) were defined and I think cellulite is afraid to reside on her legs for fear the muscles might eat them. And so she started her little workout on the elliptical. I continued my climb uphill and after I had finished I went to the back wall to stretch and the mighty mini muscled woman was continuing her workout by doing handstand push ups against the small wall between the windows.

I almost laughed at the spectacle. It’s great that she is keeping those bitty biceps toned and however she works out is her prerogative but is it really necessary to do a handstand push up…..in a small apartment gym where no one is impressed or there to comment on your physical aptitude? I feel like an acrobatic move such as that should be reserved for those HUGE complex gyms where girls run in bikini’s to try and impress the protein powdered pecs in the room. I think she accomplished 3 of them………it seemed to be a bit of a struggle and I’m sure she wouldn’t want to explain to her friends how she ended up with a broken nose from falling on her face.

But I judge……….maybe next time we cross paths I can offer to hold her legs steady and ask her if this is what she usually does on her off season from toy making. 

P.S. Did you know they found Kermit in the jungle?

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