Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Alright I’m pretty sure when I went down to Best Buy to get a digital antennae for my TV the clerks at the store were judging the fact that not only was I NOT willing to pay for cable, I also own an old flat screen TV that doesn’t have the digital converter built-in.

I figured I’d give digital TV a try since it has been 4 years since I’ve had either cable or TV and because I think cable is really just a waste of money, (any show I desire to watch can be found online, plus cable is really a bunch of trashy reality shows) I decided it might be worth it to pay the upfront costs of the TV antennae.

When I was looking at the antennas at Best Buy this nice young clerk comes over to help me and of course tries to convince me that the highest priced one is the “best buy” but even better was they could get me a deal for cable. I gave him my argument as to why cable wasn’t worth it for me but he didn’t seem too convinced and probably just thought I was cheap (which is true when it comes to cable) and told me to come back if it didn’t work out.

Well he was correct in that I did have to come back because my TV is old and needed the converter, so when I went back to the store instead of being able to just quickly grab what I needed and get out I actually had to ask the staff where they sold the converters and it also happened that the same clerk I had talked to earlier was coming back from his lunch and we ran into each other again, “I guess it didn’t work out?” “Not really, turns out I need the converter.” “Oh man, I’m not sure if we even have those anymore? Hey Dan do we have any converters left?” “Yeah, I think we have one left” He hands me the box, “we don’t really carry these since most TVs have them built-in” “Yeah, I realize that.” “You’ll be back for cable………..” “I doubt it.”

So there I was being judged by the youth of Best Buy. Am I now that old lady who doesn’t embrace new technology because I think it’s possessed by evil spirits and will slowly take down the very structure of society I’ve always known? Or am I just that cheap?

Well either way, I haven’t regretted my decision. I am now able to listen to the news while I cook dinner and find out a food truck in Portland has been buying meat from druggies who steal it from grocery stores and shove it down their pants only to be resold at a discount price to a Chinese man who just thought he was helping out someone who was struggling and selling meat out of his backpack.

And if I ever need a spiritual list there are like 5 televangelist stations and 2 Spanish stations in case I need to brush up on my foreign language. Plus a bunch more I have never even knew existed but the best is I have 3 different PBS stations. WOO HOO! Never missing a Masterpiece episode again. But if I do it doesn’t really matter because I have the PBS app on my phone that has all the episodes.

I embrace technology, I just refuse to pay for crap entertainment. If I wanted to see bad reality I’d move into a trailer park. Where this Rastafarian spider lives. 

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