Monday, August 16, 2010

Pushing the Tank Limits

This morning I ran out of gas. How? You ask. Well to answer the question in your mind Yes, I do have an indicator light but my light comes on before it even reaches the empty tank line and I've gone an additional 100miles on my car even though the little light tells me I need gas. Bottom line THE LIGHT LIES! It doesn't really need gas, it's just a little bit thirsty but instead of waiting until it's parched it decides to whine about it and turn on its little light hoping I'll take the bait when it really knows it could drive longer without a drink but just doesn't want to because it's a baby. Anyway so the light came on this weekend and of course I ignored it because I knew it wasn't even close to being empty after I drove all the way to San Dimas to Venice back to San Dimas to Upland and back to Le Verne all while the light was on. What does that mean? I drove a lot of miles while the car was indicating it was 'out of gas'. Incidentally when I got up this morning I had forgotten that the light was still on and figured I ought to get some gas because the miles were close to 400 and that's about the limit. So I drove out to my jobsites to unlock the numerous doors the guys needed opened and realized that I had forgotten my wallet at my house. I drove back up to my house grabbed my wallet and was on the way to the gas station when the gas pedal quit. ARGH! No, I was like 20ft from the gas station. I was literally at the light to turn into the station when the car quit. And guess what the light had just turned green. I try to get the car to coast into the turn lane but it's not going very fast. I jump out of the car and start pushing it over and wave the car behind me around after he started honking. Lucky for me this nice old guy came out and helped me push the car out of the road. The only bad thing was he pushed it to the NE corner of the intersection and the gas station was on the SW and he informed me that he had a heart condition. I didn't really know what to do with that information so I just thanked him and patted him on the arm. Crap! Now I have to go get a gas can. SUCK! I run over to the gas station to see if the little store has a gas can and it does but of course it's going to cost me and arm and a leg. I grabbed the door handle. WHAT?! It's locked! I look down the sign reads; "back in 10min" you HAVE to be kidding me. I stand around waiting for awhile and this lady asks, "Hey, what's wrong with your car?" "Oh, I ran out of gas." I see that there is a grocery store across the road and run over there in the off chance they have a gas can that will probably be cheaper. I search up and down the aisles, NOTHING! I consider grabbing a gallon of water to dump out and just fill with gas but I don't have change and didn't really want to use my credit card for $1.09. Also I felt that be a huge waste of water. Oh screw it, I'll just buy the gas can then at least I'll have it when I need it again. I run back over to the station and the door is open. The crazy lady is inside getting her coffee and says, "Oh, don't buy that gas can. That's way too expensive." The attendant then chimes in, "yeah, just get yourself a water jug and use that." Funny, I feel like I've heard this before. I tell the guy I don't have a water jug so unless he has one I have to buy this gas can. "Well let me see if I have one around here." The crazy coffee lady then says, "Hey if you just buy my coffee I'll help you push it over here." So I use my credit card for a $1.29 coffee and she goes to help me. Which I must say was rather nice. She tries and recruit some other people to help but the guy tells me that I won't be able to turn my wheels unless the car is on. WHAT?! Hello, you can turn them without the car being on genius. But I decide to try to start the car just in case my car was faking it. And guess what! IT STARTS! Woo hoo! I drive out of the abandoned gas station and roll slowly out into the street to make sure I catch the light when it's green. I make it. The car had just enough gas left to make it to the gas station. The lady then says she'll pay for her coffee since she didn't really have to push. I told her not to worry about it. So what's the moral of the story? First you can save yourself $.20 but buying a water jug from the grocery store and even though your cars acts like it's out of gas it's really lying and just wants to take a break because it's lazy! That's it Tin Man, you're so grounded.


  1. Kaliska, you crack me up! You should write a book or something. One day I hope you publish all these blog entries, that'd be awesome :)

  2. wow- I read the whole thing! been there before!