Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Growing my own.....

I believe that i have stated previous that i kind of live in the ghetto which is true but also with that comes the fact that my maintenance guys are also ghetto. let's just say they aren't the best professionals i've ever met. it also doesn't help that i too work in construction so know shoddy work when i see it. i digress........earlier this summer my A/C unit wasn't working so i called the property management team and told them and then they called the owner who called his brother's cousin's nephew's sister-in-law's uncle to come fix my unit. (the toaster as before illustrated) well as it turns out they plugged a 110V unit in to a 240V outlet. which basically means the unit was toasted. Ha ha! see how that's funny? See it's the size of a toaster and then was toasted. get it? anyway when the guy was hear he says to me, "you have a bird in your A/C" " you mean you can hear the birds in the trees just outside my window?" "No. There is a bird in your unit." "Ok.........CRAZY!" not really sure how there could be a bird IN my unit seeing as there really isn't space in there to build a nest and there is mesh behind the plastic fins but whatever i'm not fowl expert here. incidentally the guys forgot that my A/C needed to get fixed so it was about a week before they actually made an effort to fix it and even then it wasn't until i called and reminded them. So once again the confirmed the unit was toast (ha ha. still funny) and told me it needed to be replaced they pull it out of the wall and low and behold what do we find? a bird and a nest. yeah, turns out the crazy Mexican wasn't lying. well technically the bird wasn't in the unit but on the side of the unit where there was a space between the wall. anyway there it was sitting on it's eggs just waiting for it's little babies to hatch. Man, had i known that i would have brought that bird inside waited for the babies to hatch then train them to do household chores. Cinderella wouldn't have held a candle to me. it would have been great. they'd do my dishes, vacuum my floor, finish my taxes, dive bomb solicitors at my door. we could go on the road and do street performances with whistling. i would have been a millionaire. but instead the guys put the new unit in and i wasn't about to reach in the gap and risk getting avion bird flu from a wicked bird peck. Cardinal Kisses...........that's what our side show would have been called.

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