Thursday, August 5, 2010

Burn baby burn……….ganga inferno

My neighbor downstairs as far as I can tell doesn't have a job and just burns all day long. When I get home from work I can smell the reefer smoke stack through his screen door. Although I highly disapprove of weed in all its forms I guess it’s his choice to smoke away his brain cells. Of course I suppose I could call the cops. But what I really hate about his habit is the smoke drifts up to the stairwell landing in front of my door and then stays there because there is no wind to blow it away from my door. So while all the other neighbors get to open their doors and have the fresh air blow through their homes (which is a little ironic considering its southern California and the smog is so bad you can’t even see the San Gabriel mountains) I have to keep my door shut as to not hot box my apartment. Does he really have to leave the door open? Does he really have to smoke all night? I mean seriously! I do not enjoy walking out of my front door into the purple haze hanging on the stair steps with nowhere to go but greet me every time I decide to leave the apartment. Maybe I should just stick a fan that blows out of my apartment and keeps the smoke from drifting upstairs. Or maybe I should just leave a note on the guy’s door saying, “Hey, I don’t care if you want to kill your brain cells but I’d like to leave my intact so shut your door when you smoke out.” or maybe I should light a little campfire outside his door and leave it there all night smoldering so his entire house smells like he spent a week out in the woods. Or maybe I should put a thin plastic film over his door so the smoke stays in his apartment instead of coming up to visit mine. Or even better I should start leaving flyers on his door about the effects of marijuana. Ever seen the movie “Reefer Madness” well that’s right you too could end up homeless and broke from the Mary Jane. Drugs are bad.


  1. ah ha ha. hilarious. tons of good ideas there - you should use some. bummer you gotta smell his smoke. sick! can you most to a diff apt in the complex?

  2. I like the ideas. In my freshman dorm the people above smoked and emptied the pipe water out the window where it splashed all over mine. They also emptied their hot plate dinners that way too. Nothing like pot juice and ramen stuck to your glass.

  3. i've considered introducing myself and saying, "oh hey, your the guy that makes my stairwell smell like ass." maybe then he'd get the hint.