Monday, November 28, 2011

missing the laundry

I may have mentioned that I live in the ghetto and often get to experience ghetto things. Like the fact that I literally no longer have any functioning washers or dryers in my condo complex. At first is started with the fact that the dryers would trip a breaker every time you used them leaving you with half dried clothes that would smell musty if you did not catch the fact that the breaker just tripped and your clothes were not done drying. Then you would have to rescue them from that metal beast and hang them on your window shades and let them air dry which would incidentally block out all the sunshine coming into my apartment making it seem as if I were living in a cave. Which would be cool if I was actually in a cave but I’m not, I’m in my apartment that has windows to which I let the sunshine through. However my apartment did smell of “fresh linen” which is a scent frequently put out by odor freshening companies and I get to experience it firsthand. If I could have bottled that smell I would have then sold it as “the real linen smell” and make millions and then moved from my crappy complex to live in a place with a functioning washer and dryer but then my company would be deflated because I could no longer bottle the fresh linen smell because I’d have a dryer that worked. But I digress from the ghetto point here. I adapted to this lifestyle of just washing my clothes and hanging them in my apartment because I like convenience. I appreciate the fact I can run down to the laundry room put in my $.50 (which is stellar cheap for a wash) and then run back up to my apartment and do important things like wax my legs while my clothes were being spun around like a fly on a ceiling fan.
Unfortunately the washing machines started to trip the breaker to the laundry room so you would be left with your clothes only half through the cycle sitting in a tub of water not being washed or moving. This happened once and I had to make an emergency call to a friend and use her machines after I pulled out each article of clothing and wring it dry to the best of my ability. But I figured out a way around this problem by plugging the washing machine into a different outlet. The one outlet in the room that would not trip the breaker and once again I was back to my ghetto washing routine. Well as the weeks went on someone kept unplugging the washing machines. I believe it to be the people who clean and up keep the grounds but I would always just plug them back in, after all my clothes still needed to be washed. Well one day I walk down with my stack of laundry only to find that the cords to the machines were cut. WTH?!?!?! They actually cut off every plug to every washing machine. Now I can’t even wash my clothes. I didn’t really understand this purpose. They were still getting their $.50 a load why did they care? This was rather upsetting and I’ve sent several complaint emails to my property manager who doesn’t really seem too concerned that I now have to drive down to the laundry mat to do my wash where it costs $1.00 a load, which I realize isn’t very much money but it’s the principle of the matter. My rent includes $240 of a monthly HOA fee of which went to the laundry room that no longer works. I think I should just start deducting $40 a month for the water I am no longer paying for to run these machines. Or I am going to put these machines up on craigslist and sell them for laundry money.
And as a side note someone decided to change their oil in my carport and spilled the oil down the entire port leaving a slick mess in which someone could slip on and sue the living pants off the HOA because they do not properly clean their property. I’m just saying this could and might happen in the near future.
But check out this awesome wombat that I want to adopt as a pet and snuggle with and teach it to do my laundry and my dishes and perhaps cook a decent meal.

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