Thursday, September 15, 2011

Man I LOVE cheap

Yesterday I decided to take a walk across campus and get my lunch. It was nice and sunny outside and there weren’t any students on campus so I deemed it perfect walking weather. On my way to Subway I passed by the super cheap clothing store I always see and think “I should go in there and look around” but then never do because when I get out of work I just want to go home and be in my undies. It so happens that this clothing store was having a little sidewalk sale, they had 3 racks of clothing outside and this incredibly cute skirt caught my eye. As I passed the cute skirt I promise myself I am going to check the price on my way back from getting food. I walk into Subway to find the school’s public relations director there. I wave, he waves, we chat. Come to find out the reason no students were on campus was because it was a faculty flex day and all the teachers were getting training. He was actually picking up a salad for one of the trainers. What a nice guy. I get my food, he gets his food and we go our separate ways to the same location. With sandwich in hand I stopped to check out the skirt. I examine the skirt and think, “Yes. This is cute enough to be in my closet. Let’s see how much it is. 1 FREAKING DOLLAR!!! No, way.” I double checked the price tag just to make sure and it was really only $1, along with many other items. SAH-WEET!!! I exclaim in my head and do a little happy jig. I’m totally going to buy this thing when I get out of work and actually have cash on me cause really………….I’d look silly using a credit card for $1. The card company might think it’s a fraudulent charge and then freeze my account. This is just an FYI note for you guys but when people steal credit cards they will first make a small purchase just to see if the card is working and once they know it is they rack up the dollars on hostess cakes and slurpees. I learned this from a credit card customer service agent and now I pass that info onto you. You’re welcome.

Back to the skirt. So I make it back to the trailer eat my sandwich, which was excellent. I love spinach on my wiches. And I get back to work. Well the afternoon Z’s hit around 2:30 like every day and I decide to go on a short walk around campus to wake myself up. That walk happened to include a short trip to the clothing store across the street. I grab a couple of bucks just in case I want to buy more than 1 of the $1 skirts and head out the door. Back at the rack I see that there is many a skirt that are cute enough to be in my closet. I end up getting 3 of them because the 4th one didn’t come in my size. I go in the store to make my purchase and when the cashier rings me up I see that they skirt is actually $.50, SAY WHAT!!! 50-cent, fiddy-cent, five-O. OMGosh! this is the best cheap clothing day ever! (Except the one time I got a cute jacket for $.30 but that’s a different story. That included a discount I had at the time.) In all, I spent $1.62 on those skirts. HOLY CRAP IT WAS AWESOME! I think I might actually make more than that in a minute……..or not but still. What can you get for $1.62? Apparently 3 awesome skirts that will probably all fall apart the first time I wash them and all the colors will bleed but WHO CARES!!! Oh and get this they even have a liner layer, which you can absolutely see through so I will still have to wear a slip but none the less they tried. I am a big fan of cheap stuff and when I get cheap things for even cheaper I get excited. Which is why I changed my own brake pads for $43 instead of paying a mechanic $160 because of course he said I needed new rotors. PSH! Yeah, right! What do you know Mr. Car Guy? If it were up to you you’d say I needed new tires and rims. I am wearing 1 of my new skirts this weekend and I will let you know if I am lead to an embarrassing moment with ripping and/or tearing.

P.S. I totally felt this earthquake yesterday at work that’s the 2nd one in 15mos of living here.

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