Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now He's just messing with me

I think the cat knows i hate him and will come by my door and spray it to spite me. My house STILL smells like urine. Not as bad as it did before because i threw away the items that were drenched in stench and soaked my door with odor remover but there is still that faint smell of piss that wafts through the air. I did get a black light from a friend today to find the pee spots but i'm almost afraid to use it and see where exactly it lights up. But in order to really alleviate the smell from my life forever i guess this is the only option i really have unless i poison the cat with anti-freeze then that would get rid of the problem permanently. Or what if i could coax the cat into a cage. Trap it and then take it up to the mountains and release it into the wild? i mean the thing is already fending for itself. it could survive the mountain terrain and environment. it can't be any worse then the hoods streets in my neighborhood. and if i happen to release the cat in front of the den of a mountain lion then maybe he'll be adopted into a happy cat family and then they can go spray the doors of the black bear dens.

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