Friday, November 1, 2013

Mr. Clean lives in my complex

Yes! That is correct ladies and gentlemen. The very bald man of superior cleaning products lives in my condo complex. I've seen him several times and not only does he like to clean, he his clean shaven. I think he must have used that magic eraser on his chest hair because there is none to be found. The first time I saw this bare chested man he was in the community spa with some other complex residents. I can only imagine that he was giving sage advise on cleaning products and scrubbing methods. Like how to get the soap scum from your shower curtain.

The second sighting of this shiny bald headed man was when we was sweeping the leaves from the porch of his condo. And apparently the best way to sweep leaves is in jeans, flip-flops and no shirt. I mean really why do you need a shirt to sweep?

The third time I saw him was when he was entering the laundry room. And I assumed he must be washing all of this tight white t-shirts because once again he was walking around sans shirt. He probably got them all dirty from all the cleaning he does for other people. I mean he is always showing up unannounced at peoples houses giving them a pat on the shoulder or a wink and a thumbs up.

And JUST this week, I saw the sultan of scrub once again making his way to the laundry room and it seems once again washing those ever dirty white shirts. You would think that guy had an endless supply of t-shirts or had a contract agreement with Hanes but I guess he just always has dirty shirts and doesn't ever have a clean one to wear. Perhaps Mr. Clean ought to look into laundry products. Like "do-at-home" kind of line so then he'll at least have one clean shirt to wear.

But just in case you didn't know Mr. Clean has a tattoo. Yeah that's right his Clean imagine is just a facade. He's really a hardcore bad ass with a tat on his right arm. It looks like the letter 'M' stretched out down his bicep. It's red. I can only guess that it stands for Master Cleaner. After all he does offer a variety of awesome products.

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